Out In The Field :(

I was just told today by my guy that in April for two weeks he will be out in the field and will hardly be able to talk to me.  I dont know what i am going to do.  He hasnt been in the field for months.  I talk to him everyday all day non-stop and i cant imagine going 2 weeks without talkimg to him!! I need advice on what to do? i never really experienced him being in the field.

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Thank you for the support. It helps me out a lot i have stuff planned to keep me busy. Every person makes a choice some of us are given months and some given weeks with out hearing from our soldier granted i dont get to see him for 8 months but i get to talk to him everyday it does make things better but for us who get to talk to him all the time and then all of a sudden not it still hurts us as well.

Sorry but I agree with Eddie. Some of these people go months without hearing from their soldier. Keep busy and consider yourself lucky that he's not over fighting in the war and he is safe in the states.

My guy has been out in the field for a few weeks and has a few more weeks to go. He gets to call every now and then but not often. :[ My best advise is to keep yourself BUSY!!! The busier you are the quicker these two weeks will go by! I promise. And you can always come to the girls on this site! They're a great support system!

when my guy went into the field before his deployment it wasn't as bad as I had originally thought it would be. I believe my husband was in the field for 12 days so not quite 2 weeks, but at first I was sad because I also talk to him non stop. But those days actually kind of flew by and on the last two days while he was out there he called me from one of his buddie's phones which made me very happy =) don't worry those days will go by quickly. I thought two weeks was awful, now i'm dealing with a long *** deployment.....i hope these days fly by. but good luck to you, remember it really does go by quick!!

stop moaning get over it he is a soldier my dads in military and so am i you dont hear us moaning about goin to afgahn for 6month and only see fam for 1 week in tht 6 month

You will be okay. Just keep busy. I haven't spoken to mine in 32days. I'm losing it. Tell him to take his phone bc sometimes they get cell phone reception and he can call you.