Need Help Asap Please

So my fiancé called me on Sunday and ask if I could send him oreo and skittles. i told him I thought I'm not allowed to send food esp sweets but he said I could try. now I don't want him to get in trouble but I wanna send him what he wants. thought I'd ask you ladies first before doing anything. My fiancé is in basic at ft. Leonard wood. any suggestions? Thanks
Lonelysoldiergirl Lonelysoldiergirl
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6 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Thanks guys. yeah i did send it. so far he didn't say about doing push ups or anything other than he have to eat it for like 5 seconds.

He'll probably just have to do some extra PT for it.. thats what my boyfriend told me that for each letter you had to do 25 pushups, so for some cookies and candy he'll probably have to do a little more but if he's asking for it then i'm sure it's worth it to him! lol

my boyfriends ma always sent him sweets... they say don't i think because they get such a hard time for it. in basic they give everyone who gets mail a real hard time but my man said its soooo worth it. send it=]

it will be fine im sure. i was told i couldnt but there was no problem.

Just send it .

I have sent many sweets through the mail with no problems. My g/f is in the UK and we both will send stuff to each other. If there is a PO addy, you won't have any problems.