Need Help Asap Please

So my fiancé called me on Sunday and ask if I could send him oreo and skittles. i told him I thought I'm not allowed to send food esp sweets but he said I could try. now I don't want him to get in trouble but I wanna send him what he wants. thought I'd ask you ladies first before doing anything. My fiancé is in basic at ft. Leonard wood. any suggestions? Thanks
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Thank you ladies. I think i will send it to him. He ask for it so I guess he knows what his getting into.

the only thing that will prolly happen is he gets picked on and has to do more push ups or he gets them taken away. but he isnt gonna die if you send them. my bf didnt want me to send him stuff in basic but he would go to a church and i would send him packages there so that he wouldnt get made fun of and all. if he says to do it then he knows what he is getting into so you shouldnt worry and just send it to him. good luck!

i definitely wouldn't do it!!! When my bf was in Basic even an orange was considered contraban... so skittles and oreos would probably fall under that category too lol.. but if you really think you should then go for it

If he asked for them, you should definitely try it out! When I sent my soldier some candy in basic, they took it away, but he didnt get in any trouble. His platoon wasnt allowed to receive it but others were, so it really depends on their drill sergeants.

I was worried as to what I was allowed to send in my boyfriends package and ended up ringing the embassy in London (im in the uk and he is off to egypt v soon so may be diffferent) but they said the sweets were fine and the only reason the alcohol wasnt was because its a religious country and that it was just out of respect not to send it