I Love...

I love how a minute phone call is the best thing ever! I was laying in bed doing homework when my phone rang and it was my guy. He could only talk for about a minute and only got to call because someone brought in a phone and they called without the DI's knowing. He told me that he misses me and loves me. which made me really happy because we never told each other that we loved each other yet because we didn't want to say it too soon and not mean it. It made my whole day!! It made me feel so special because he risked so much just to call me which makes me feel bad at the same time. I told me that he can start writing soon and as soon as he's able to, he'll send me a letter. I told him I'd be waiting. I never knew how much joy I could get out of such a short phone call. :D

If any of you would like someone to talk to, I'm always here. I'll try to help the best I can.


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They are the best! Especially when they are unexpected! And i love the lil texts too. When my bf left for deployment I didnt get to say everything I wanted at the airport bc he got emotional and bolted to his flight lol so I felt bad so i sent him a HUGE email pouring out my heart to him and didnt hear a word back from him bout it and i knew he got it bc he said so. Then like a week later i got a text saying i just wanted to thank you for putting up with this me getting called up again bullsh!t and i love you bunchs. It made my day and made me cry all at once! Sry so long lol

One minute phone calls TRULY are the best! :D

One minute phone calls TRULY are the best! :D