Family Weekend And Unpleasant Shenanigans. Help?!?

OK, I need you girls' help.  As some of you know, my boyfriend is in OSUT at Fort Knox.  He has his family weekend on March 26-28, and I was planning on going.  He has sent me a few letters talking about it, and when he called me a couple nights ago he asked if I was going to come.  I told him I would be there.  However........

Tonight his sister sent me a message on facebook.  It said that she found out that I was planning on going to family weekend (because she saw something I wrote on his facebook about it) and wanted to give me a heads up that it was strictly for family only, and I would not be allowed to go.  She said that they had sent the papers explaining the details about the weekend and she was looking at them and it looked pretty black and white that only family was allowed.  But, from everything I've heard from other girls who know Fort Knox from having boyfriends/husbands there, and from the fact that he himself asked me to come, I was under the impression that girlfriends were allowed to come.  Now, his family happens to hate me and they want me to go away.  And they (especially his mom) take every opportunity possible to let me know how much they hate me and want to get rid of me.  So I knew that his mom probably wouldn't enjoy herself too much if I was there, but I was willing to put up with her for the weekend so that I could be there for him for his important day so that I could be there to support him, because he asked me to come.  So, because of how much they hate me,  I am very highly inclined to believe that his sister is only telling me this because she doesn't want me there.  If that's the case, I'm not going to just sit back and not go, because when I don't show up, he's going to wonder why I'm not there for him...

So I was just wondering from some of you girls who might know, who have gone through the Fort Knox thing, or maybe even have a soldier having family weekend the same weekend...who is really allowed to go to Family Weekend?  I heard somewhere that only family is allowed to check them off this true?  And is there anyone here who is going to Fort Knox family weekend that weekend that has gotten information and knows the right things?  Any information would really help.  Thanks:)

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it's not just for family. i go to all the family things for my soldier. go and enjoy seeing him. dont let them bring you down. just explain that you have heard differently from him and that he wants you there. good luck

heyyyyy girlie, yah you can go to that, it isn't just for family

Go get your soldier!! If he asked you to come, then he wants you there!! Be strong and confident and let his sister know that you "appreciate her concern", but you are gonna listen to you're boyfriend! Good Luck!! (:

I'm not sure how family day works, but I wouldn't listen to his sister. If he wants you to be there than be there for your man. Your not dating his family and don't let them discourage you.

yes you CAN Go he puts whoever is going on a list an thats that.. dnt listen to your sister.. YOU CAN GO!! THE ARMY CANT SAY WHO CAN GO OR NOT. ANYONE CAN GO. AS LONG AS HE WANTS THEM THERE. SONT LISTEN TO PPL WHO DONT KNOW. LISTEN TO YOUR MAN.