Please Pray For Me

so here's the current situation...

I went to fort benning last weekend to visit my bf and Saturday night he broke the news to me telling me that he had be re-stationed to Germany for the next 2 years instead of Hawaii like we were told a month ago. I looked at him almost in tears over the news and he told me in that moment that he loved me and did not want to leave to Germany... without me. He then continued to ask me how i felt about marriage and how I felt about going to Germany with him. At this point I was having trouble breathing LOL but in the end of the conversation I told him I loved him too and I would go where ever he went =]

So the game plan was to figure everything out once he came back to California for 2 weeks right after his graduation [March 18th] and after his two weeks here with me, he'd be flown out to Germany. Well... of coarse with the army, anything can change at anytime. I received a call from him last night telling me he was not going to get to come back to Cali and that they were gonna keep him there in Georgia till he ships out and possibly have him ship out a week and a half earlier than what his orders stated. I was balling on the phone and our conversation did not go well, as to be expected with the news, but we both ended things with saying we didn't want to lose each other and that we would seek God's intervention on this. 

After we ended our call, i cried the whole night. My mom came into my room asking me what was wrong. I then told her the latest news. She asked me why we couldn't get married in Georgia? That thought hadn't occurred to me yet because i was so upset.

Just as I was typing this, my Jesse called me and we just discussed getting married in Georgia and turns out this is what we want so we're gonna do it [God willingly] and of coarse we've got a matter of days to figure it out once I get there for his graduation. OMG!!!

You girls are awesome on here and have such great advice. I can't thank you guys enough for your continued support and understanding of OUR crazy military relationship situations haha! Please any help, advice, and prayer would be awesome.



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yes.... God does work in mysterious ways... AMEN! hehe.<br />
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thanks again ladies!!! =]

WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW! Congrats! I'm so happy for you guys. God works in mysterious ways.

Im so happy to know our mom gave you the idea of marrying in georgia!!! Im soo very happy and excited fro you..mrs army fiancee'.<br />
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you know you can text me just a call away.

Hey girl! This is such a sweet story and I give you major props on your courage and strength as an army girlfriend (and now fiancee!) My boyfriend is also in Ft. Benning right now and I live about 10 min. outside of ft. benning so if you have any questions on the area or getting anything ready to get married let me know and maybe I can help you out or give you some advice!! Good Luck!!

OMG I NO RITE! thanks so much allie... you have been such an amazing friend! <br />
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WOOOHOOOO!!!! Bride-to-be!!! :) i can't believe it..we were just talking a week ago about how nervous you were to see him and didnt know how it was gonna go and look atch now! I bet you weren't expecting THIS a week ago! it's crazy how fast things can change.