Basically, The 'dear John' Movie

Me and my boyfriend have had mutual friends for years, so we've known of eachother for a long time. He started talking to me randomly one day over myspace, but I already had another boyfriend at the time so we just stayed friends. As soon as me and the other guy broke up, we started talking non stop.  He's based out at Fort Hood, and he was able to get pass for a week to go to a child custody hearing that him and his ex-girlfriend are involved in.  He asked me to pick him up from the airport, and the minute I parked and saw him the chemistry was immediate.  We were connected at the hip for that whole week.  He asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said yes.  It was like that movie Dear John (his name is even Jon, how ironic).  I fell in love with him in a week, insane right?  Like, as crazy as this sounds, I can see us being together forever, just one of those gut feelings you cant argue with.  Two days after he asked me out, he had to leave, on Valentines Day no less. My love for him has not faded in the slightest, we still talk non stop everyday, but its been so hard. I never thought I could miss someone this much.  We bicker constantly, we almost break up like once a week, only to realize that we can't live without eachother and make up almost instantly.  When we were together in person, we never once fought, everything was perfect.  Is this normal? He's only been gone a few weeks and I  hear that its the first few weeks that are the hardest.  I'm not worried about him cheating or anything like that, I know how in love with me he is and would never do that, and I'm the exact same. But still, this is the hardest thing I've ever done. I feel so insane for even attempting this, falling in love with a soldier at 17 years old that lives 2000 miles away from me and is getting ready to ship out to Iraq in a few months; but it just feels right, he's worth it to me.  Hearing some other stories has helped me alot, makes me feel like I'm not alone in this boat. I'm also here for support for anyone who's looking for some [:  

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You have to stay positive and go on with your normal life. Your soldier needs to know that you are okay back home. Stay busy!!! Pick up a new hobby or something. Write LOTS of letters...try and only give yourself minimal moping time. Your attitude can help you through anything. Try and remember how blessed you are to have someone to love and whom loves you instead of how miserable the military makes you. If you ever need to talk...I am here! <br />
P.S. Like I said...Quick to fall in love and slow to realize it could work. Love can happen like magic. I am 19 and married to the most amazing man! I met him my senior year when I moved to some little tiny town in the middle of nowhere...fell in love, got engaged, and now have been married almost 4 months =) Military relationships aren't easy...but then again anything worthwhile usually isn't...Keep your heads up and your hearts strong! You all can do this!!! and my fiance fell in love pretty quick too..everything went by super fast and in four months we were engaged..we did not want to leave each others side not even for a minute...we would miss each other too much..we even pretty much stopped hanging out with our friends cause we just wanted to be with each other...thats all we needed and now hes been gone for a month and a day today.just to bootcamp though he wasnt deployed but this is still extremely hard. i feel like i havent been happy since he left..i feel like half of me is missing and i just dont know what to do with myself..i dont know how to survive six months of this nightmare..if anyone has any ideas please help=((!

ahhhh sounds like my boyfriend and i too... definitely agree with the quick to fall in love slow to realize it could work haha. love that. but anyways ahhh totally normal that ya'll bicker like that pshh i still do with my man and we realize we can't be without each other right after that. ya'll have such a cute story!

Awwwww....that is so cute. My hubby and I fell in love quick but slow. Quick to be in love...slow to realize it could work. Lol! Hey, have any of you seen Dear John? I decided to not see it with my hubby and I am glad I did. No matter how in love you are time and distance can mess with you head and make you worry...I didn't want John to worry about what Savannah does in the movie. He knows I am his wife and would never do that...its different cause we're married but I didn't want even his subconscience to worry but it. (if that makes sence) But that is just me...

its hard having someone here and then the military yanking them away. ou just have to stay busy and have faith in you and him. I lknow that feeling of seeing 4ever with a person..cause i feel that with my sugar and second we are away frm eachother we miss eachother. distance can cause friction in a realationship esp. when you arent use to being away from eachother. just hang in there and reassure him that you are in it for the long haul girly.

Me and my boyfriend's situation is so much like yours! He had just graduated from basic training and I met him at a party and from that moment on we spent every moment together. One week later he had to go back to base and I hardly get to see him but there is no doubt in my mind that we are completely in love and absolutely crazy about each other! I live right outside of ft. benning so tonight they let him out of his barracks for 30 minutes and I couldn't have driven on post any faster! We just sat in my car and talked and kissed but it was worth every second. I know that it is going to be hard when he has to leave for his duty station (we think it will either be to Ft. Hood or Ft. Drum) but like you said I don't worry about either of us cheating but I am already dreading him deploying in the future!! None of my friends date anyone in the military so I don't get any support from them. But me and Mikey (my soldier) went to see Dear John and I thought it was the perfect movie for young love and military couples! We are already making plans for our future and I know that people probably think we are crazy but I absolutely know how you feel and we just have to stay strong and stick out the tough times when we are apart from our men!! I'm here for you if you need anything or want to talk about anything!