Question About Bah?

ladys that have been married..



Im getting married to my soldier in 14days =]] and im wondering when will we get BAH? Ive so many differnt things an he isnt even sure. so if you know that would be awsome thank you =]]]]]]]

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Our main problem was getting an appointment for enrolling me in DEERS. (He's in training) But once that was done, he submitted the paperwork to financial and it kicked in a paycheck later. It took 3 months to get an appointment to enroll me in DEERS but two weeks for BAH. I think it really varies but they say it can take up to 4-6 weeks. They back paid to when we got married. Well, Congrats...and good luck!

As soon as you prove that your married, && show them your marriage license it should kick in on the next check. But sometimes it takes longer..ive found out the Army is slow at paperwork lol. Also if your driving to your duty station they will reimburse you for your uhaul and the money you paid for gas, food, and hotels.<br />
and they also give you another 1700 to help start you out since you just got married. I just got married in Nov. so im new at all this too. but if you want ill try to find out the names of the forms so you can have your hubby fill them out. =) if you need anything else feel free to write me a message =)

me and my husband got our BAH around 30 days....or 2 pay periods after he submitted the marriage license to finance. hope this helps!!