My Boyfriend, My Soldier, My Hero!

I am new to this, so i'll just start with the beginning!

I was going to a party with my friend Brittany at a hotel for my friend Jesse, who had just graduated from basic on Ft. Benning. That is when I saw Mikey for the first time. He had met Jesse in basic and they became good friends. He is from Michigan/South Carolina. We ended up talking to each other all night long and the following week, we were inseperable. We spent every waking (& sleeping) moment together and i know this sounds absolutely crazy but It only took a single week for me to fall in love with him!! I mean honestly, we are absolutely crazy about each other! I had to take him back to Ft. Benning exactly one week after we met and It was soooo incredibly hard! He got in trouble for spending extra days away from post so he got kicked out of Airborne school :( And he is actually still on lockdown so he can't leave his barracks but last night they told him he could "go to the PX" for exactly 30 minutes. As soon as I got the call i couldn't have driven any faster to get on base. We spent 30 amazing minutes in my car just talking and kissing and it was worth every second!

We get to text throughout the day and we spend hours on the phone together at night and we are hoping that he will be allowed to come off base this weekend so we can spend it together. Mikey and me are already making plans for when he gets his orders for his duty station, (we think it's gonna be either Ft. Drum or Ft. Hood) and he has asked me to come with him! He has a 2 yr. old that lives in South Carolina with his ex-wife so he is allowed to have a house off base. I am so excited/nervous and I'm just ready for us to start our lives together!!

However, NONE of my friends date military at all and so i have no support whatsoever because no one understands so any advice/encouragement from any of you guys would be extremely appreciated!!! I would love to make new friends on here!  Also, I know a lot of you have had your soldiers come to basic on Ft. Benning, so if you have any questions about the area I can probably answer them for you, I live in Columbus which is Ft. Bennings surrounding city! Good Luck to everyone,  we gotta stay strong for our soldiers!!! :)

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What a cute story :) i'm so happy for you! my man is stationed at fort drum. just warning you ahead of time it snows a lot. just in case your man gets stationed there lol. if you ever need to talk i'm here!

Ahhh!!! such a great story! everyone on this site is somehow connected with their stories i love it.!. I'm here to talk whenever! Take care!

Thank you soo much! I love the fact that everyone on here is going through similiar situations as me and we need each other to get through the hard times and be strong for our men! Where is your boyfriend stationed at right now??

Hey girly! :D That's such a cute story!!! You've for sure got my support! I know it's hard and it especially hard to do it alone!!! :[ If you have any questions or just wanna talk, feel free to message me!