Seriously Might Go For It

I stated before that my boyfriend wants to join the army but wouldnt join if it would hurt me. well, after discussing it with him for over an hour. we decided that its ok if he goes. and that i'll support him all of the way. we both know it will hurt, but we'll make it through it. thank you to those of you that helped me and now that we've made the decision. we're preparing for it. I think that this whole thing is beggining to make us stronger and we love eachother more. and he knows that I love him to pieces. and if he's reading this ILY BABE!! anyways. thanks.

futurearmygirlfriend futurearmygirlfriend
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1 Response Feb 25, 2010

Hey girly! :D I am happy to hear that your boyfriend and you had a good, long discussion about all of this! :D Feel free to message me ANYTIME with any questions you have, if you need support, or if you just want to talk. I remember going through all of that with my boyfriend when he was thinking about joining the Army and when he had finally decided to!