Army Girlfriend Bashing!

Ya'll I am having such a hard time being an Army girlfriend!!!

Some of ya'll have read my story, but if not, it only took me and my soldier a week to fall head over heels for each other. But now, some of my very best friends just keep putting me down and making me feel so bad and stupid for me and mikey's relationship! Like tonight, all I heard was "he's just trying to get laid by the first girl that he's seen since basic" and "he just wants to get you pregnant/marry you to get more money on his paycheck" and "there is no way that you can be in love with him" and "there is no way that this relationship will actually work when he leaves"

When it is just me and Mikey, i feel like the whole world if perfect and nothing else even matters.. but when I have to be away from him and around all of the haters, it really takes a toll on me :( I don't have any support or encouragement and it makes things really hard.. Do you guys go through the same thing?? How do you handle it??

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Oman. Dont listen to BS. What matters is what you and mikey feel. Who is to say one thing is right or wrong in your relationship. Honestly, as my sister would say.....Do they F@#$ you? Do they pay your bills? Then who the hell are they to put their two cents in. Its different for me, cause his family thinks that I am in it for the benefits, and his money, and when he is gone I wont care anymore. And I will cheat on him. BULLISH!!! I love my man, and would do nothing to hurt him. Just know that he loves you and you love him and that is all that should matter. Just wave and say HI....HATER!

omg yes... we all get it too! LOL. i'm telling ya, some of my closest friends are the girls on here rather than my friends that i have back at home. it only took a week for me to fall for my soldier too! i know exactly how you feel. -and now, two months later, we've decided to wed so i can leave with him to Germany for the 2 next years. Needless to say, i've been ripped a new one from alot of people LOL. but again, i ignore the negativity, its unfortunate, but it will always be there as long as people who don't understand our situations continue to judge.<br />
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stay strong sweetie. ignore their comments, trust your heart on this one. time together will only make you two stronger and love will conquer all.<br />
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Thanks ya'll.. this really helps me a lot that ya'll have been through all this as well and that It will hopefully die down once we prove everyone wrong.. But what I am looking forward to most is moving with Mikey to his duty station in 6 weeks and not be around any of this bullsh!t that i'm dealing with here. We can just focus on each other and the Army. <br />
But i will most likely take ya'll up on your offers about messaging for support! We need to stick together and i'm sooo glad that I found this site. Thanks so much for all the encouragement it means the world!

Well I will tell you that unless your friends are in a military relationship, they have NO idea what it is like. For example my roommate was sad because her bf is going to not be home for two weekends in a row, and then we r going on spring break with him for a week, when I can't see mine for six + months. I fell head over heels for my bf pretty fast, and a lot of people don't understand. The way I handle it is just talk to people on here who know what its like. I mean every relationship is different, and if you all feel like its worth it, then I say go for it! Hope this helps

ahh same thing here! It was exactly like the Dear Jon movie, only took a week for me and my boyfriend (Jon) to fall in love too. My friends think I'm insane, how I'm so in love with an army soldier I havent been with very long, but its one of those gut feelings that we'll last forever. It is very hard, no one around me understands, I never knew how hard in love I'd fall for someone and how badly I miss him everyday, so their comments and words dont tend to help much. I'm only 17, so everyone just wants to go out and party and hook up with everyone and tries to influence me to basically forget him and act my age again, cus i used to party and go nuts. But once you fall for someone, thats it. I never planned for this to happen, but I'm so glad it did, he makes me strive to be a better person. This site has really helped me handle things, but mostly its him that helps me get through day by day. Just know that right now, it sucks major ***, but it'll be so worth it in the end cus your relationship will be so much stronger and you'll be the happy one while all those haters are struggling. I'm here for support whenever you need it girl [:

Yeah. I go through that from time to time. For the most part I just keep to myself now. I don't talk to my friends (unless they are friends I have made that have boy's in the military) about it anymore. They simply can't understand what I am going through! So, I just go through my motions of the day. I go to classes, and come home and focus on me. That's why I spend SO MUCH TIME on this site. Because there are people here who understand. All of the "hating" will eventually die down. Then some people will do the "I don't know why you put yourself through that," or "How do you handle/do it?" Kinda stuff! It gets old. It truly does. Feel free to message me ANYTIME!!! I'm here for you.