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hey ya'll, im not sure if any of ya'll read my post about how my friend is writing a paper comparing the  movie DEAR JOHN to the real life of an army gf/spouse/ and mom.. She wrote a paper to show how the movie didn't represent army women like they shoulda and how people don't realize how hard it is for women to deal with a loved one being gone. Due to my soldiers name being in the paper im not gonna post it on here. if ya'll wanna read it send me a message with your email address and ill send it on over. made me cry!!!!

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Hey can I ask you some questions about being a girlfriend of someone in the military

send me a message with ya'lls email addy<br />
<br />
you have to space it out though cuz they don't let you put it all together <br />
<br />
for example<br />
<br />
a b c @ h o t m a i l . c o m

id like to read it!

I would like to read it...

I wanna read it!