Well I Messed Up Big Time

So I finally hear from my soldier.. I think its over... I got really upset because I hadnt heard from him in a month so I wrote him a pretty bitchy email. and well this is basically what he said: first off i dont have a phone that works out here second postage takes money which i cant get out of here third i have apsp so its hard to get online and when i do mom comes first. As for us i dont think i can offer the time or comfort u need so i think u should look for someone else ps thanks for the boxes.

I guess its over. I wrote him back and explained that I was very sorry for the way I acted and didnt realize how bad it was over there. Basically asked for forgiveness. And told him that I allowed others to fill my head with bs and I hoped he could forgive me. I explained that he was the first man to make me happy. I asked him if this is something that can be forgiven and fixed or is it just plain over.  I told him if it is over then I'd still like to be friends. l told him how much he meant to me...

It just sucks I shouldn't have listened to my girlfriends... 


Girlys... I need advise! 

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well we broke up, but I think something is up bc he wouldn't add me as a friend on facebook, but w.e. And when i told my bestie about it first thing she said "He has someone else" Of course my mind started to think that too. I also told her about the email. I did receive an email back and we are going to be friends and see what happens when he gets home. I'm at peace bc if its God's will then we will be together, but if it isnt there is someone else out there for me. I just have a worry there is someone else.

i agree... i think you said the right things in your response to his breakup. it is very hard on us back at home, we're human, so needless to say we have our moments of frustration. its difficult too, but there are always going to be people around us that put negative thoughts into our heads and try to steer us out of our military relationships, but its so crucial that we ignore their comments and negativity. it's a daily battle for many of us army gfs, but follow your heart and that's what will keep you strong each day you go without him. <br />
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i wish the best of luck girly! keep us posted. <br />
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if you need anything feel free to message me =]

I agree, I think you did the right thing. You had no way of knowing why you didn't hear from him for so long. It's only natural for you to get worried and mad when you don't hear from him if you think that he should be communicating with you. He should understand that you didn't know how bad it was and only expected, from where you guys are in your relationship, to hear from him more. It's normal for you to expect to hear from him and to get upset when you don't. I think that if he understands where you were coming from in the first email, he should forgive you and be willing to move on. He's gone, so of course you're expected to be emotional about stuff like that. I think you'll be fine. If you need to talk, I'm here. I've gone through many rough patches in relationships, especially my current one with my soldier. Keep us updated on how things are!

I think you did the right thing! Try and talk it out with him! See if that works. They forget how hard it is for us too. :[ Good luck girly!<br />
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My boyfriend and I broke up for about 4 months when he was gone too. :[ Then he realized how much he cared for me. So he came back. :] Maybe he just needs some time and space.