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hey everybody,

So im new to being an army girlfriend. me and my man first met in highschool we tried dating but for one reason or another it was highschool and it never worked out. then after highschool we lost touch (this was back in like 2007). at the end of january he had facebooked me and we started talkting again. he's was in indiana for awhile so we talked everyday. he's an amazing and sweet guy and within a week i knew we had something. we then had the talk about me waiting for him to come home, and of course i said that could and would always be waiting here for him. we started dating after that and everyday he gets more and more amazing. even though i haven't seen him since then we fell in love this time and it feels so right. i have really no support from my friends and its hard becasue i dont have anybody to talk about everythign that understand. my family supports me but they dont understand. he's going to be deployed to afghanstan in march and thats all they talk about how he will be gone. i am excited though because img going to get to go and see him in 3 days, he paid for me to fly down there.. im know that after this he will be deployed and im not sure what to expect.. i've never been through this before and i wont lie im scared, im just wondering if you guys could help me out so i have some idea of what to expect.. especially when he goes over i know its going to be hard..

Thanks for listening

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Thanks this really did help me know more of what to expect, he's also being deployed for a year im really going to miss him and i"ve kinda adjusted to not seeing him now, but im going to have to do it all over again after seeing him which will suck! im really excited to see him and just spend time with him. this will be the first time i've seen him in a long time! but again thanks! im glad i found a group with people who understand what im going through!

hey! Im kind of in the same situation. We were friends for a long time (6yrs) and we finally made it official on New Years. When he was on leave, he came up from NC to spend some time with me and it was the BEST time ever! We didnt really go out but just spending all that time with him was wonderful. It was like we've been together forever. It just felt right. I would suggest that when you go see him, hug him and kiss him as much as you can...and just cherish every moment of it. Not sure how long your guy is going to be gone, but mine is gone for a year, and he JUST left a few weeks ago to Iraq. Its hard. I would tell him everyday before he left that I dont know what i will do without him...but he assured me that everything is going to be ok. That he loved me and it's going to work. I just try to keep that in mind and trust in him. Sometimes I get antsy and I like, need to speak to, I send an email, as if we were talking face to face. I tell him how my day went, bla bla first, he might not be able to answer your emails (it took him a few days to respond), and when he does respond, it's a real quick email. After they get settled where they need to be, it should go smoothly. sorry for the long comment but i wish you luck...and I'm here if you ever want to talk. I'm new to this myself and I think this site is great :)