Missing My Soldier

Hey everyone! My story?

Im the girlfriend of a wonderful soldier who was recently deployed to Iraq. He left me on Feb 16th and he is gone for a whole year! We've been friends for about 6 years but made our relationship official this New Years.  So, we've only spent a little time together before he left. He has been deployed several times during our friendship but this time it's kind of different. I am so in love and I miss him so!

He is stationed in NC, but I'm a Jersey girl...the plan is to either have him try to get stationed here or, if he can't, I'll be moving down there. I've never lived outside of NJ, but I think I can do this for him. I KNOW I can do this for him. From there, the plan is to get married and start a family. I'm excited about that and I can't wait until this year is over.


I guess this is my story and I came on here because it's been so hard trying to get used to him being gone, and I figured maybe I'll meet others in similar situations. Kind  of like an army wife/girlfriend support group.

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thank you! believe me, i am trying to keep busy and it hasnt helped much lol .. we're still fresh into the deployment so maybe its just my nerves right now. I really hope it gets easier :(

welcome you've come to a good place!! i was in your situation last year and my boy is home now.. it's a tough road but keep yourself busy! try to get out and do as much as possible to get your mind off of it.. send him little i miss you cards and get care packages ready! if you ever need anything feel free to message me anytime :)

thanks so much! thats really nice to know, and youre right, WE also need some support.

Welcome to the group! Stay strong and we are hear for you if you need to talk. This is a group great group to just come and vent if you need to cause we all understand how you feel and just like we are supporting our soliders we also need to support as well. Have a wonderful weekend!