So today is a bad day. He's been gone for almost two weeks now and I thought I was doing really goood not thinking bout how much this situation sucks. But I just dont have the ambition to go to school or work today or doing any housework. I think I am just getting anxious bc hes leaving south carolina today and going to georgia for two weeks before going to iraq. In georgia, he will get his official orders stating which unit he will be in and his return date. I know its probably pointless but I still have some small teeny tiny hope that maybe there is a chance he wont be gone for the full year. I guess its just easier for me to be hopeful and wish for the best than always be sad and think its gonna be forever till he gets back. The no physical contact with him is starting to to take effect. I JUST WANT A HUG from him lol and to just be in his amrs and know everythings gonna be ok...

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Thanks :) its just so up and down!!!

i hear ya girly... it's hard and we all have our weaker days, but just know we are here for ya! [hugs] if you need to talk, you can message me =]