Harder Than I Thought...

This week was the fourth week that my boyfriend's been at basic, and the 6th week since i've actually seen him. I don't know, I guess sometimes him being gone affects me alot more than other times. And this week was really hard. I was super emotional, and i was doubting my feelings. I do love my boyfriend... but its just really hard when i can't talk to him very much. And due to our letters being delivered almost a week after we write them, the communication, like actually being able to have a kinda deep conversation, is very limited. I can remember all the good things from the past and stuff, and that makes me happy and shows why I feel in love with my baby... but communcation is key to a relationship, you know? And its just really hard to not have that right now. I know it will get better after he graduates, but thats in May since he's doing the combined basic and AIT! I've just had a really really hard  and confusing time this week and i'm not totally sure how to deal with these doubts. :/

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4 Responses Feb 26, 2010

it is hard when communication is to a min. i mostly wrote my now husband every 2 days it helped alot. he worte me 3-4 page letters which i loved. and u got to remember trust is also a key to a relationship. i dont mean to sound cold but u have to get used to this or else your going to be sick and deppressed all the time. my husband went striaght to AIT after graduation and he was able to have his cell back and we texted. you will get thru this :)

yea its really hard for the first time being away you never done it b4 with him i was a total reck the first 3 weeks i didnt go out i was being all depressed an lame to my friends i finally got out of it an as soon as i did my days have gone by sooooooo fast!!! an now i have 12 days left to go to his graduation an i cant wait im hanging on strongggg!!!!

you are def going to have doubts i'm pretty sure everyone does.. but when that day finally comes that you see him you are going to have so many butterflies.. and that first kiss that will make all of this wait worth it and you'll forget you ever had doubts! stay strong and keep your head up

We all have the doubts and the extremely emotional days and weeks but at the end we all still love our guys and that's more than enough reason to just hang in there girl. This is what makes military relationships so strong when they do work. You learn to appreciate one another more...I hope you feel better because I know the feeling and I just think of the good times; it usually gets me through those times