His First Chance To Call.. And I Missed It!

So I only hear from Kevin once a week usually through facebook. Well yesterday when I got out of school I had a voicemail.. it was from Kevin! It was his first phone call and I missed it! I haven't stopped crying since. I can't believe I missed out on a conversation with him, actually hearing his voice. Oh it breaks my heart. Luckily I was able to talk to him on facebook this morning and he is going to try to call again soon. God I hope I get to hear from him soon. Just when I get so down I don't know what to do he called.. Even though I missed it the voicemail was better than nothing. But thankfully 2 months are almost down already so only 5 more to go!!

armylove2 armylove2
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3 Responses Feb 27, 2010

I just have the biggest smile on my face right now to know that I am not the only one that this happened to! I missed his first call and I was devastated too! I couldn't function! But I am becoming a fan of this website! I was on the internet today and just wanted to hear other people's stories! I love knowing that even when I feel so alone, I never am! there are so many other girl's out there that are goign through the same thing! I love that we all have a story and someone that we love so much!

I missed my boyfriend's first call to when he was in Basic. :[ It was devestating!!! I was so upset! But, I learned from it! I now have my phone on me at ALL TIMES!!! Even though he's done with training and everything.

I missed so many of my boys calls too! don't let it get to you!! you are going to miss a lot more.. it hurts but he understands.. don't let it stop you from doing things now go about and do your regular routine! i hope you got to talk to him!