3 Months To Go :)

I think that I'm officaly in the home stretch of this! Only 3 more months to go before my solider is home for good! I am completly estatic. I haven't seen him since he was here on R&R in December but thats ok it will be here soon :). I have been lucky enough to talk to him at least once every day since he went back after R&R ( hes currently in Afganistan). Sometimes we get to talk for 4 hours at a time. This is such an improvement over when he first deployed when I was lucky if I got a call once every 10 days for like 10 minutes. I guess you never realize how much you love to talk to someone until you can't do it for long periods of time. I think that as much as Deployment sucks it does teach you to truly appericate the time you get to spend with the people that you love. especially when they go off to war and your not sure if you will ever see them again. Its times like that when you truly realize how much you love someone. I'm truly excited to be able to start my life with my solider with out having to worry about him being deployed. Hang in there girls, It seems to get easier eventually. I know it may not seem like it but it does. 

Anyways in my life.. I've deicded to get my GED instead of contuning running start. I'm not the best student and I'm terribly unmotivated since Shane has been gone. So basically starting next quater I go to class one day a week. Which leaves way more time to get my new aparment all set up, spend time training my horse and just hang out with my best friends who I have seem to neglect. But I'm making up for that now. 

Anyways stay stong girlies :). Feel free to add me on here or on facebook if you ever wanna talk. Facebook is under Darcy Finney.. and if you do make sure to tell me your from here :)

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I can say hes home for good because.. He gets out of the Army for good in June thats why I say that one!!!<br />
and trust me I went though the not being sure I can make it though this too! <br />
You guys can do this :)

I am so happy (and jealous) for you! Mine leaves for Afghan in June and I am terrified, but your story makes me hopeful. It really helps to know that there are other people out there doing the same thing and that people really can get through this. So thank you! And congratulations :)

Hey! Im new to the site and was just browsing some of the stories here. Im really happy for you! I know you must be really excited to see your man. <br />
As I was reading your post, Im thinking to myself, HOW DO THESE GIRLS DO THIS?? It is so hard. Ive known my guy for years as a friend, but we made our relationship official, right before he deployed. Now that we're together, I cant take it! lol ... hes been gone for a month almost and I feel like Im going to die lol .. i hate saying this, but sometimes I wonder is this even for me? Can I stick around and torture myself at the same time? but I love him so much and I couldnt abandon him at a time like this. so, I wont. He's my everything.<br />
I hope it does get easier because right now, I only talk to him for a few min. Then, I wont hear from him at all. I get worried and all sort of things go through my head. UGH!<br />

"Home for good..." Unless your Soldier is ETS-ing, never think they're home for good! Haha.. with this new surge in Anfghanistan i know more soldiers will get deployed. As long as you are with someone in the Military, never think anything is permanent.. it never is.... Also, please please, really think about your choice to get your GED instead of a diploma... right now exspecially. Many places have stopped hiring persons without a Diploma. I know certain Branchs of the Military and different MOS will not allow a person to join if they only have a GED. Im not trying to be rude, or bossy... just want to help

Yay Darcey! :D I'm so happy for you!<br />
<br />
P.S. It's Brittney Downing. :D