Oh Simple Things, Where Have You Gone

I really just need to say that sometimes I freaking HATE the army. There. I said it. All day my fiance and I have been bickering and fighting about the stupidest **** and all of it is completely pointless. I'm trying to think about wedding plans and our plans for getting an apartment and ALL he keeps saying is not to worry about it right now because he isn't here and we can't do anything about it so there's no point in worrying about it. And I told him I am NOT the "leave everything to the last minute" kind of person, and he got mad at that and yelled at me and literally told me that the army comes first for the next year while he is on orders. I get that he has to go when they tell him to, really i understand he has no control over that, but why does that put me in the wrong for at least trying to think about everything we need and have to get done and trying to start planning and organizing, especially since he wants to get married in the next couple of months. I fail to see how the hell I am in the wrong here. The army comes first,  really?

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2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Thank you girls so much. Ya'll have really helped me to cheer up about the whole thing. :)

to me...the army is just another job. a very important job...but the damn president still makes time for loved ones! so i completely understand where you're coming from. plusss...it's nice to think about the future, and how nice it will be to get married and have an apartment together. it gets your mind of off the crappy situation you're in right now. maybe just tell him the reason why u want to talk about those things is because you're so excited and can't wait to spend time with him finally. cheer up buttercup...because one day , it will all be better! :)