I am soooooo excited!!! I get to go see my bf in georgia before he heads to iraq!!! This situation just keeps getting better and better. Originally it was sc for 2 weeks ga for 2 weeks then to unit in iraq. Now its ga for 3 weeks then on to mississippi for a month! And the unit he he will be attached to is already in iraq and heading back in nov or dec so its a lot less time he will be in iraq =) and he originally told me he refuses to take rr bc he doesnt wanna disrupt his routine but now hes going to take it to break up the time a little bit for us. And we are getting married when he gets back =) I am so excited but i know it is still early and the military is always changing things so Im trying not to get my hopes up too much!!

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OMG It was the BEST time ever down there!!!! Hes still gonna be in the sates a few months before going overseas and im so going again to see him!! Next time hes gonna fly me out tho :)

good for you girlie!! i hope you enjoy your time with him :)

Thanks!! I'm so excited and doubt i will sleep at all during the 15 hour drive down there lol!!!

Yayyy to visits!!!! I'm happy for you girly!