The Craziest Thing Happen Today

As some of you may know my man left for Ft. Carson last week.  So today I'm checking my email and I received an email from a former ex-boyfriend from JUNIOR HIGH. lol First off I'm thinking "how the hell did he get my email" the only place I could think of was facebook or he may have ran into one of my girlfriends but they would have told me.  So he says "hey, how are you doing?" so I just replied "I'm doing good and yourself" then he replys back "I'm doing good as well. I've actually been thinking about you a lot lately. Here is my number and give me a call sometime, it would be nice to hear your voice for a change". I'm in total shock right now! Does the devil see that I'm trying to be faithful here and is trying to get me to breakdown??? Now I don't know what to do, do I reply to the email, call him and let him know the deal??? I need your advise on this ladies.

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I think if there is even a doubt in your mind that you ahve to think about it, then it wouldn't be good for the relationship you are in. Exp with the situations we are in where our men aren't here yes we get lonely and another guy giving you attention is great but you just have to be strong enough to be faithful. But I wouldn't put yourself in that situation. If you replied at all I would tell him that you are in a relationship and you just don't think it's a good idea but personally I wouldn't reply at all.

Thanks for all the advice ladies! I just decided not to respond at all. I know that may sound mean, but I have a feeling that he may be a bug a boo and I don't have time for that drama. Everyone have a wonderful week and thanks again!

He might just want to be friends and has no intention of crossing any boundaries. Just let it be known when and if he is getting to that point that you are happily taken and that you would hope for him to respect that.

my ex just contacted me last week...i ignored his attempts. of course, our relationship ended badly a year i still have pent up anger, so it was easy to ignore him! haa anyway...if you think you will be tempted, it'd say steer clear of him. or at least let the guy know your relationship status, and situation. you know you love your guy and you want to be faithful, but you're lonely right now, so i wouldn't take any chances!

I don't think you should, just as you said it's the devil trying to break you down. Sometimes we are tested to prove our strenght to ourselves. Give in not to temptation...that's just my take gurl. Usually exes come back trying to make ammends and if you guy weren't amicable before it would look bad if you guys are all of a sudden "best buddies" when your bf left for bct.

well.... lol that's too interesting! i would definetely let him know whats up in case he intended on being in a relationship type thing ya know? but be strong for sure girl. nothing at all is easy about all this =) and im new to it all! ha

I think you should let him know that you're in a relationship. If he still wants to talk, just make sure that both of yall know that its just as friends. I still talk to my ex-boyfriends, which doesn't make my boyfriend happy, but he knows its ok bc we're just friends. It is very strange that this would happen so soon after your man leaving though. Satan tries to distract us and tempt us in so many ways. Be faith and strong girly! I know you can do it! :D