Winter Just Wasn't My Season

I've realized that i really take my man for granted. It's been 4 months since Ive seen his face and received that warm hug that makes me weak just thinking about it.( you all know what I'm talking about :) I am really missing every little thing about him. Waking up with his arms around me as if he never moved from that position the whole night, the way he says I love you in Spanish to me everyday, the way he knows how to make me smile just looking into my eyes, even just sitting with him on a Saturday watching a movie and talking through the whole thing without a care in the world.

 Ive missed him watching our son grow these 4 months, missing every laugh/cry/smile,all the holidays that have passed seemed to never have even happened without him with me. I am falling so much in love with him and  he is over 6000 miles away. Over skype we talk but i find myself just watching him, taking  those few minutes of "normal" in and they actually make my day seem brighter. My son is a clone of his father and i can see him looking at me they way my man would and my heart just melts. Every day get me closer to that day Ive been playing in my mind since the moment he told me he was deploying. Even though we fight sometimes it has actually been 1000% better than it was when he was home. Now this could be bad or could be that we are both maturing and just sick of picking fights over every little minuscule thing.

I see so many girls put up with so much crap that my man has never and will never put me through that I'm really thankful to have my man be MY MAN! I know nobody is perfect and we all fight and make mistakes but to just have that one person who truly gets every aspect of YOU that's a blessing. There are ups and downs in any relationship that's what makes you know what you really want out of life. And so many of us just settle for this mediocre life where everyday is a battle to be with you're so called "loved one". Over these last 3 years with him I can truly say i was/am happy! And now that this deployment is coming closer to the end i can only pray that i can keep this outlook on our life and time together. I don't want to look back and only remember the times when we were mad and fought, but rather look back and smile just knowing we fought to make it together!

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1 Response Mar 1, 2010

Awwww I like reading stories like this. It just assures me even more that this life is doable. Hang in there it won't be much longer before your husband is home. Have a great week!