Is It Really Over?

I first want to say Thank YOU to everyone for the help and support. It has meant so much to me and is helping my stay strong through out this whole situation.  Today I sat back and thought about what I wanted out of life and how happy i was being with Jeff.  In the end i realized I really loved him and more then a year ago when we started dating I really thought he was the one for me.  I thought him leaving for the army would be the true test of us and getting to know the real him as time unfolds.  This whole army gig as showed me a lot of who I am and what i want. Though i dont mind living this kind of lifestyle i am learning that jeff and i arent meant to be.  I rather let him go and deal with the heartache for awhile then be treated like crap everyday and deal with fights and crying all the time.  He tells me the sweet stuff at times.  When we started doing this whole thing things were unbelieveable I never once thought in my mind I would be where i am now with him.  I opend up to him today and he just fought with me and said that he was right with everything. So i never once flipped out on him. I told him how i felt and what was going on and then after i sent that i told him he has leave days and he can come home and if he really wants to save us that he can come home cause he knows he can he already talked to them about it. he needs to be face to face with me. After i said that I just sent another text that said Goodbye til then. i have not heard from him since.

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Thank you. FUnny part is that his friends are the main ones helping me through this whole thing and they dnt feel ba for him at all. Its been so hard lately all I can do is cry. His roommate and I are so close he has been a huge support to me through this whole thing and its been a huge help. All this advice and good words are keeping me strong.

Good for you. There are plenty of guys out there that will treat you right. They will treat you as an equal and love you for you. Every day shouldn't be a fight. You should be enjoying life to the fullest. Finding out who you are and what you. Best of luck to you and I hope you don't get sucked back in.

Thank you for the help. I am actually hanging in there and spent the day with my friends and have not yet heard from him. So i am realizing that it was a good idea.

I'm so proud! Seriously, if thats whats best for you, thats amazing that you had the courage to do it. I think it takes more strength to end a relationship than to stay in a destructive one. I hope all works out for you. :)

awww it's bitter sweet! but i agree that you can't stick through a constant storm for a tiny ray of sunshine every now and again.

Good job girlie!!! way to be strong! sure he said some sweet things every once in a while, but the negative stuff was taking over wayy to much. I'm glad you found the strength to do it. you seem so sweet, and def deserve better:) Hang in there, you always have us!!!