Bad Habits. :/

I am falling back into the bad habits that I worked so hard to break! I suddenly can't eat anymore, which sucks because I am so hungry! But I just can't seem to stomach any of my food. :[ And I can't sleep. I'm exhausted! I just wanna lay in bed and listen to music that reminds me of my soldier. The worst part of all... he isn't even deployed yet! He's just in the field! So I don't know what's going on with me. :[ Has this happened to any of you girls before? I know a lot of us have a hard time sleeping sometimes, but I dunno... I think it's just been one of those weeks.

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When I first found out my bf was joining the army I felt sick. I couldnt really eat much and I cried for a while almost everynight before bed. But I try not to think about it. I still have nights when I think about it and freak out and I know once he really does leave I'll fall arpart for a while. But hopefuly,I'll just stay busy and the months will go by and well be together again. I'm not experianced as an army girlfriend yet but just think about how it will be worth it in the end to finaly be able to give him a great big hug and kiss when you finaly do get to see him. Thats the thought that has made me feel better so far. I hope it helps.

Thanks a ton girlies. :D<br />
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MissKikiM: thanks. That helps a ton. :D My friend is around but she isn't the greatest of support systems. She simply doesn't know how hard all of this is for me. I try not to show it very much. I kinda let it bottle up inside of me. :/

I'm sorry you're having a hard time right now, but at the same time I am releived to know I'm not alone in being unable to eat! It's suprising how things affect us that way sometimes. :( I dunno if it will help you, but a friend of mine has made it her mission to come over and cook for me or take me out for food every few days. She took me for lunch today, and it was the most I've eaten out of the last 3 days altogether. Having someone who I care about around just for the comraderie really seemed to make the difference. I don't know what your support system at home is like, but maybe that will help?

It's always the nights! During the day you're busy and occupied, and then at night, it just hits you.

Thanks for all the support girlies! :D The days are so much easier than the nights! It's always the nights that I get all emotional and all that. lol. He deploys in August-October. Sometime in that time fr<x>ame. He hasn't gotten his official orders yet. So he's only got a round-a-bout time fr<x>ame. And he'll be going to Afghanistan.

i couldnt eat or sleep an didnt want to be around anyone when my fiance first left for basic but i grew stronger but i still cant sleep im always thinkning of him.. you can get thru it

Awww im so sorry hun :(. My boyfriend actually just left today and I haven't eaten barely at all... I know this is somewhat hypocritical because I am in the same boat as you cant eat, cant sleep, crying, blahblah but try to stay as positive as you can, thats what I am trying to do, but its still very very challenging.

i have that feeling a lot being away from him!! if you ever need to talk feel free to message me! :] keep your head up and you'll get through this and figure it out!

): When Evan was at basic I couldn't eat. :/ You can pull through this. Where is he getting deployed to/when?