Moving Out & In...

Sooooo ladies i need opinions... just cuz.

My hunny has been deployed since late september 09, and we have been together since July 09.  We have now been together for 8 months & we are talkin about moving in together when he comes home,  it will be the first time i move out of my parents house.  He should be back in august.  Well i have a few friends tellin me "why are you gonna move with him? u havent even been TOGETHER TOGETHER that long"  what do you say to that?  i know that the time for me doesnt matter, but not many people understand it & im not even gonna bother trying to explain it to them.  but what would u say to that?  i just want other army gf opinions..  thanks!

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3 Responses Mar 2, 2010

my husband and i were the same way only spent a month "together together" b4 he went into the army a yr later bearly spent any time together physicialy and we are happily married. if u love this guy and mostly ur other half those ppl dont know wat they are talking about. follow ur dreams and ideas dont let them choose ur life style. good luck :)

thanks girly! that makes me feel so much better about the whole thing!

It really doesn't matter how long you guys have been together and to be honest it really bugs me sometimes that people say that because seriously, I've said this before in my past posts, but I know a couple that have been together 20+ years (my boyfriends parents) and they got married literally 4 days after they met eachother and he asked her to marry her the FIRST day they met NO JOKE. They are seriously the most IN LOVE couple I have ever seen in my life and WILL ever see in my life. THey are ADORABLE and HAPPY and its just heart warming to see them together and know that my boyfriend was raised under a household like that. So to be honest I don't think its bad at all to move in after only being 4 months together if you two are both ready to make that committment and that step in your relationship MORE POWER TO YA :). I honestly WISH I wasn't so afraid of committment I totally envy you. I would just say "hey I love the man and I wanna move in with him whats the big deal" ... Love is love. Enough said :).