So My Boyfriend Of Six Years Just Left For Air Force Today (march 2nd)

I am completely devasted that he is gone and am feeling SOOO lost without him. I was able to stay at the hotel with him last night before he left and as I heard him stumbling around getting things together at 430 am i the morning I knew that it was time to say goodbye. The hardest part is we have spent EVERY single day together we pretty much live together I do EVERYTHING with him and EVERYTHING I do reminds me of him. Saying goodbye and not knowing when I am going to hear from him or receive letters for him is just HEARTBREAKING... I really don't know how I am going to get through this, but I know I am. I am TRYING to stay as positive as possible, but I am just soooo lost right now I dont know what to do...

SO I was just wondering he is in Texas in San Antonio and is going to be in basic training for 8 1/2 weeks and I was just wondering when I would receive a letter for him, or when he will call me with his address so  that I can send him letters? And then will he be able to call me once a week or once every 2-3 weeks?? Ahh this is sooo hard :(. He told me that he was going to try his hardest to do the best he can so that he can get those priveleges to get more calling time and I totally believe it. He is EXTREMELY competitive and does his best at everything and very athletic so I am hoping that helps :( BUT I dont know :( all  I can do it hope...

Also another thing, im sory for all the questions I just really need some strong advice im dying :(, his tech school is 1 month so then is he able to call, text and everything like that? Also is AIT the same thing as tech school (ya i know stupid question I should know that but i dont haha). And then he is putting washington mcchord air force base as his number one pick, but I was hearing from stories that it doesn't really matter what his number one pick is its where they NEED him is that true? :( I cant imagine him being stationed somewhere else... I would totally follow him but im in college for 2 more years and have it all planned outtt....

And finally :( IM sorry once again... So once he IS stationed somewhere is it highly possible that he will move around a lot (being an air transportator meaning he just organizes different flights and what is going on those flights and WHERE they are going kind of a desk job but somewhat active). Thank you alll SOOOOOO much for your help this  will seriously mean trillions to me :)

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my bf left and soon he could write ltters girl i know wwhat ur going thru jusr be patient

my boyfriend just left to the airforce last tue. the 19th. i know his basic training is for 8 1/2 weeks but im still waiting for him to call .i havent heard from him all i got is apostcard with his adress. i dont know when he is going to send me his first letter. i miss him so much . this is really hard for me ;(.. ive been with him for almost 5 years. all i can do is pray for him and hope that everything goes well.

hey girl, well first off...hang in there! basic training isn't the funnest times but before you know it--it will be over and you will get to see your man again. As for your first question my husband got to send me a letter from basic after his first week. That was how I got his address to be able to send him letter. I don't know how basic is in the air force, but when my husband was at basic he only got to call me 2 or 3 times, they never got phone privileges...but we made up for this by sending each other tons and tons of letters. Again, I don't know how the tech school thing works in the air force, but my husbands AIT was real nice he got to use his phone and call me all the time ;) I don't think after that they ever even asked my husband for his top picks for where he would be stationed, they just told him where he was going haha, but maybe you guys will be luckier. And once he is stationed somewhere my guess is he will be there for a couple years. I think it all depends on what his contract is. But i'm sure they can move you around. I hope this answers some of your questions, I wish i could tell you more! Keep your head up girl, basic will be over before you know it! Take care.

I'm not positive about the Air Force, but my boyfriend is in the Army. When he went to Basic I didn't get a letter for like 3 weeks. And that letter didn't have a return address on it because he hadn't recieved his return address yet. But, the next letter or so that I got from him had a return address on it. He was able to call me maybe once every two or three weeks. Sometimes longer. That's how it was for me. But since your guys in the AF I'm not sure how it'll be. But hopefully that helps some! As for his tech school (the Army calls it AIT but I'm not sure what the AF calls it) Bryan was able to have his cell phone with him and his laptop and he could use it on his time off. But he was exhausted a lot of that time. I'm pretty sure that the AF will just send him to where ever they need him the most. :[ But I'm not positive. Because my boyfriend didn't get his top picks either. I don't think he'll be moving around a lot eitehr once he gets stationed somewhere, either. Usually they are there for a few years or so. I hope this helps girly! Feel free to message me if you have any questions or need someone to talk to girly!