Mini Breakdown.

Can't sleep, again tonight. Actually crying this time. Read through some quotes tonight, and made me think of nothing but him. I just talked to him last night, and I know he's in the field, I just miss talking to him. If one thing could get me through all this, it'd be his voice. I feel like I'm complaining and selfish. He leaves for Afghanistan in June, and I really don't know how I'm going to get through that. I'm going to be glued to the tv, worried about him. I know he can handle himself, I'm just getting worked up. I just needed to vent, I hate the little bursts. When you're fine and handling everything well, and you just start thinking about it all, and missing him more and more, until it just hits you really hard. Ahhhh. ):

desxxbes desxxbes
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2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

I know these struggles are coming my way soon, but I'm praying for you. I wish the best for you!

I totally understand where you are coming from girly!!! I'm here for you. :D We'll get through it together.