Everyone that has read my OMG story knows that my Soldier asked my Dad for my hand in marriage. This would have been a suprise if it wasnt for the fact of he didnt know which dad to ask, my biological dad or my adopted dad. I went down to visit Kyle this past weekend, Left thursday evening and got there friday morning (12 hour drive that actually took amost 15 due to the snow). Spent the day with Kyles Sister Holly while he was at work. He got off we all hung out, went out to dinner, after dinner went back to a friends apartment and I layed down cause I didnt feel good. The next thing I know kyle brings in a box from build a bear and sets it infront of me (at this point all of our friends were in the room) He told me to open the box It was a cute little teddy bear, well it ended up having a voice box in its hand, (mind you I thought this was my late valentines day present) So I press the hand to hear "Brittani, I remember the first time I saw you and how you made my heart start racing and I knew I always wanted to be with you, will you marry me?" I look over and kyle is no longer sitting next to me on the couch he is now on one knee with the ring. I am now engaged to the most wonderful man in the world :D YAYYYY

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Wow congrats on the marrige:) even though im a little late of weeks to congrats you lol and I just read about your two fathers and we have a lot in common I'm also adopted and my biological father lives in Peru.. I can't wait to be enage but I told my sweetheart that I want to when I turn 24 and or maybe he will do it early cause I'm graduating this year in May getting my Bachelors in Biology and he was waiting for me to finish college and receive my degree which I'm going for higher PHD :) after i get my master in another college i cant not be away from him any more:/ and i regret not going with him to Germany for his first station but i could not went with him cause i had to finish my studies but if I do make my decision in moving with him in the end of Aug for his 2nd station Im definitely need the experience to live with him and plus I don't want to be away from him no more:/

Thankkkssss =]]

Thank you so much everyone!<br />
He is definitely A keeper and the way he proposed was ADORABLE! :D<br />
Haha Kelley Of course you got a phone call! I ran out of the apartment and I was like I HAVE TO CALL KELLEY!!!!

That was an awesome way, very planned guys aren't usually like that! Have fun with marriage, and good luck to everything.!


aww!!!!! that so Sweet and Adorable. Congrats!!! wish you the best.

omg thats so cute!!!!!!! it gave me chills! i'm so happy for you!!!!! :D

I remember the phone CALL!!!! IM so happy for you...

How cute!!! That is adorable! CONGRATS!!!

CONGRATS!!!! Thats soooo adorable!!!

Awwwww...that is adorable. CONGRATULATIONS!!! His propsal was really well planned and cute. You definitely got a keeper! =) Marriage takes work but being married is truely amazing! Good luck!

Awww!!!! :D What a CUTE story girly!!!! CONGRATS!!!!

ahh thats soo adorable!! what a clever way to propose, you got a keeper there ;) Congratulations, being married is amazing!

OMG that is a BEAUTIFUL story!! That is the cutiest thing I have ever heard! Congradulations I'm so happy for you!! I just can't get over how he planned the bear and the voice box. He put so much thought into it he sounds like a wonderful man. lol Good luck to the both of you!