My Head Is Going To Explode!!!

Alright, I know my friend doesn't mean anything bad by this but I just wanna tell her to stop being so moody!!! Here's the story:

Alright. Her and her boyfriend have been together just over 2 years. And I have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years. Well, she's decided to leave our university to go to colinary school that is back in our hometown. This is two hours away. Her boyfriend will still be up here with me. Well, she's so mad because "he isn't making a bigger attempt to stay with her." They aren't breaking up but she wants him RIGHT THERE! Yah know? Well. To top it off, he's getting an apartment with some of his buddies that she doesn't particularly like. So she's pissed at this, and the fact that "they'll be so far away from each other."

This makes me so irritated! My guy is on the other side of the country and he is preparing to deploy in the late summer/early fall. I would give ANYTHING to be 2 hours away from my guy!!! I just wanna tell her that there are couples who are going through WAY WORSE!!! You think she would realize that, as being I am her best friend. But nope. She doesn't.

Sorry girls! I just needed to vent, and I didn't wanna blow up in her face! I know this is difficult for her because they haven't been away from each other for longer than a month, maybe. (And that's stretching it.) But sometimes I wish she could see what I am going through.

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Girls, thanks so much for your understanding. :D And, please don't get me wrong. I completely understand that this is hard for her. But she's also making the decision to not continue college at our university and to go to a colinary school. When she complains I am just sympathetic with her. But, lately it has been A NON STOP THING!!! She is always grumpy with him which turns into her just being grumpy! I am trying my best to be sympathetic for her though.

As you know from our other conversation, I agree with you 100%. Girls like us have our boys either across the country, or overseas, or deployed. I get that it's hard not seeing someone, obviously. But girl's who can talk to their boys everyday, see them, touch them, cuddle with them, and kiss them, they take that for granted. I understand that they don't know what it's like, but at times, I feel they're very selfish when they act like it's the worst thing that they're only 2 hours away. If Evan was only two hours away, I'd bee seeing him everyday. They complain when their boys have to go back college, yet we don't see our boys maybe a total of a month or so, spread in sporadic visits, in up to two years. I completely get where your frustration is coming from.

I agree with bkbarnes, even though your friend may not see your side, mabye you have lost sight of her side too. For her, she is going through something that sucks. I agree, what you are going through is way worse, and I think that you are sooo strong for doing it. I can't say I haven't done the same exact thing, in fact I have a post awhile ago ranting about my roommate. I still find myself internally rolling my eyes at her when I hear her complain about her bf. In the end though, I know if the situation were reversed, I would want my friend to still be there for me through hard times. The only thing I can add is maybe you need to tell her how you feel about being sensitive around her. Maybe even joke about having tons of experience of not seeing someone, so you can give her all the tips. I really hope you figure out a way to deal with it, if you do give me a message because I am still trying to figure it out.

you are way stronger than me i would've went off on man deploys at the end of september and i am not ready for it at all i want him here with me 24/7 but i cant and i just have to live with it and cherish every kiss,touch and hug

well, i agree that they don't know what we're going through. but that doesn't mean that they DON"T miss their guys too. they should be more sensitive to what they say around us, and actually my friends are, but its not wrong for them to miss their boyfriends, when they are farther away THEY"VE ever experienced. i know i would die to be in the shoes of one of my friend's who's boyfriend is a couple hours away. but thankfully she realizes that and doesn't complain about it too much. but i don't mind so much when she does say she misses him bc i know she does. they haven't been in our shoes and felt our pain, so all they know is their own, which is the worst they've ever experienced. you know? its still inconciderate to do it alot around an army gf, but i don't think they're completely wrong.

oh you are much stronger than me because I would have told her to take a step back and look at the big picture and how you do something ten times harder than that! my best friend is the same way!!! it can be a whole 8 hours and she "misses him dearly" <br />
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i agree with you and say grrr =))

Oh girl!!! I completely know!!! I have seen my boyfriend 2 days (not even two whole days, more like 1.5) since he joined the army 8 months ago!!! 2 days in 8 months!!! She sees her boyfriend EVERY DAY!!! All day. He's always here. She always shares a bed with him. I'm just like grrr! Where you not here the other night when I got Bryan's news??? Like idk. I don't understand how people can not think about that kinda stuff! They see us every day! They need to remember what we are going through!

I completely understand what you're talking about. I hear one of my housemates talking to her boyfriend on the phone all the time, and while they're in a "long-distance" relationship, he's only a couple of hours away and comes to see her ALL THE TIME!!! Seriously, I don't think they've gone even a week without seeing each other since this semester started. And every time she's on the phone with him, I hear her tell him she misses him more times than I can count. And she complains to us all the time about how much she misses him, and he's so far away, and she never gets to see him. Every time I hear her say something like that, I just want to say LISTEN!!!! You don't even understand the half of it. MY boyfriend is in Basic right now and I've gotten to talk to him for a total of about 10 minutes in the past 2 months. I want to say "Try being 400 miles away and not be able to have any communication with him...THEN you're allowed to say you miss him." I can't stand when people complain about stuff like that. I never realized how insensitive people could be about stuff like that until I became an Army gf and realize everything that Army wives and girlfriends have to go through, and people just don't think about it, or care! You'd think that they could watch what they say about stuff like that around us, but they don't! They just complain about their own long-distance relationship. She complains about how little they see each other, and I want to tell her how much I would be so glad to be in her situation and get to see my bf as much as she sees hers. They just don't get it, and I don't think they ever will. But you are free to vent about stuff like that...I've had many moments that I just wanted to snap at people who did that too.

No joke!!! I don't wanna be a ***** to her but THINK OF US SOMETIMES!

Totally agree with you. My best friend complains about not seeing her boyfriend that she's been dating for 2 weeks for a weekend to me all the time. It makes me mad.