I Got To See Him!!

so for the past three days i have been in idiana visiting my boyfriend while he was on his three day pass. it was the most amazing time ever. it was soo good to see him and be with him with no interuptions for three days. we got to go out to eat and shopping and all of that fun stuff!! he treated me like a princess! now im back home and its the hardest thing ever. now that i've seen him again and got to just spend time with him its making being home that much harder. i now want him to be here so i can kiss him anytime i want and i knew it was going to be tough but its harder then i though. i know that its not too much longer but its really hard and im scared that i will be a mess the day he deploys. i love him with everything i've got and i just needed to get my feelings out about everything because i really dont have anybody around to talk to about it.

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Thank you both, im new to this as well and yes it was amazing to see him, we didn't live together and actually were not even dating before he left we've known each other since high school but didn't really realize anything until after he left. so this was really the first time i'd seen him in awhile so i was kinda dealin with the not seeing him thing and then seeing him was like amazing and then i had to come home and it was so much harder then before because now i know what its like to see him and be with him all the time. i wont see him again till leave and yeah this was just like a little tease and ugh. im glad i have peopel to relate to though becasue my family and friends dont really understand it at all thanks guys so much

I got back recently from visiting my hubby for Love Day weekend...it is harder. It is like a tease almost...just enough to make you want more and more. I miss him more than ever. He's been gone off and on since July. So, I can relate. If you ever need to talk...I am here.

That's wonderful that you got to see him! I can only imagine how bitter sweet that must be. I an still new to this, so I can only truly empathize at this point, but I can agree that even already, the seperation is harder than I thought. I get the impression that the two of you used to live together before he left? I think that brings on a whole second set of emotions and pain, but maybe that's just me being sensitive! If you want to add me as a friend, feel free. We can lean on each other. I'm new, so I can offer hope, and you're experienced - so you can offer advice! :)