Army Girlfriend

Ive known my boyfriend sence middle school and grew up down the street from eachother weve always been friends but just started dating this jan. Hes been in the army for awhile now and warned me when we started dating that military relationships are hard and i didnt think that much about it till now we havent talked in a while and i really miss him. hes at training now and comes home for a weekend when he gets back so thats something to look forword to. i dont get to go see him beacuse im in college and taking a week off would put me way behind. I just cant wait till he gets home

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1 Response Mar 4, 2010

I now basic is hard but soon it will get Easyr you just got to be strong for your army men n show him that you love him n that no matter what ur going to be their for him n support him to watever decidions he makes