Days Are Long...

 Nights are even longer!

So my Michael left Sunday, after an amazing, LONG two weeks, for his four hundred day tour. We still have one last hoorah before he is gone for good. He gets a flown in to Richmond sometime in April for a final four day pass. Three hundred and ninety five days and counting, till this whole thing is over! When he comes home he is buying us a house and we are starting our lives together. 

These two weeks we spent together were great. So what if Valentine's Day didn't go as planned, or we didn't do the things we had talked about before he came home. We enjoyed being with each other and having fun. My guy loves to spend money so we went out and did fun things all the time. I even got a beautiful ring for Valentine's Day. We were not as intimate as we talked about, but that was ok. We spend a lot of time curled up in the bed though. 

Now I am struggling with the anticipation of my guys departure. I feel like he is gone already sometimes, and then I get myself worked up again. I wish it was just here already so I can get rid of these emotions, and work on getting better and back to "normal." As normal as life CAN get without him, haha. I spent my day today putting together a bag with goodies for his departure, socks, underwear, pens, paper, etc. and a months worth of letters, some with pictures, some with memories, all with lots of love! 

I miss my Michael so much! Bittersweet on his four day pass, but it will be closure on this anticipation, and beginning of the end of military life. Off to another cold, lonely night of no sleep. Goodnight.

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2 Responses Mar 4, 2010

Thanks! This website really helps me vent sometimes on bad days/nights. Haha. Three months is still bad I am sure! I am Elissa by the way. Always here if you need someone! Hang in there lady!

Oh man 395 days?? I thought 3 months was bad! When it gets hard just remember the wonderful 2 weeks you just got to spend together and know there are many of those ahead :)