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Hey Everyone, 

My name is Marcela and I am 24 and I am dating a guy named Luke he is 20.. He is going to start   Basics in Kentucky on May 15th..

We have been together since January 01,2010 we were living and going to work in the same place.. I am madly in love with him and he just  graduated from college and decided to join the army that's what he wanted ever since he graduated high school and at first we had planned not to get into a relationship because he knew he was going to leave back to his home town as soon as he graduated and that it was going to be hard on both of us.. But as time went by we feel in love.. But you know before he used to make plans about us to being two being together.. Well this last weekend he came down for my birthday and I can honestly say that he is starting to have doubts about if we can make it.. And he asked for a sometime to think about things. I am so so sad and I totally think me and him can make it.. But he is young and I guess it's normal to freak out we haven't seen each since he left on Tuesday when we were saying good bye he hugged me so hard and it was for a long time and he held my hand for a long time and we kissed and he told me he loved me.. And I know here all of you are army girlfriends.. But I would really like advises from you guys.. Like what can I do to prove to him it can work..?? If you were in my situation what would you do??  Because I love him and I am willing to do what it takes for us to be together..  

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I just say be there for him, he won't want to admit it but the stress will be crazy on him. that was my soldier and i's problem. Im also in a hard situatuion, were long distance and im a junior in high school. But all i can say is you weant to be there for him and let him choose, and you will fight and cry and yell and break up, but remember we have so much more stress than a regular relationship. I can say postivley, that my boyfriend and i are working very well, boot camp will be tough but surivable i mean im having to go to prom with another guy and everything but were both very understanding and that will be the only way to work,. But the only thing i can say to prove it to him, is lay it all out on the table and tell him everything and either he will be like okay or maybe not and that was god's plan. Im delaney and if you ever need to talk im here, my boyfriend also went to ft.knox so that's kinda cool(:

I've been dating my boyfriend for two months, however we started dating after he was done with basic. We were kind of together before he went to basic but i knew he was leaving and I didn't want to get attached, but when he came home all feelings came back and this time I didn't want to let him go. I however was the one having doubts about if the relationship could work. He always said "it's going to be okay, we can make it work." and I believed him and so far everything has been. It's different for me though because I'm able to talk to him multiple times a day where as in basic the only form of communication is letters. You just have to be understanding, i'm sure he didn't want the stress of knowing that you could be with some other guy, or whatever. While they're there they have to conentrate on what they're doing or they're going to get screwed which is why they break all communication off besides letters, but even those can get in the way. Just write to him and explain to him how you feel. I'm sure when he gets out he'll realize he missed you more then ever and you can be together again. goodluck! I'm sure everything will be fine :)

Ok i was in this situation for a while also. I had doubts that we could really last being away from each other so much. But one night when i was thinking about it, I just realized "It will work. It has to work. He's the one who has my heart. I explained to him how I felt and honestly, If you want it to work, It really can. It's hard but it's definitely worth fighting for. I feel like having the man you love away from you for amounts of time, makes you stronger and makes you even love him more. Let your guy know how you feel and I really hope it works out for you! :)

I'm...kind of in the same situation, so I kind of know how you feel. Except it's a little reversed in my situation, because I'm the one that had some of the doubts. My boy and I have been off and on for about 2 years now, and we just started seriously talking about getting back together in December. Well, he left for Basic January 12, so I wasn't sure it was a good idea to get into anything right before he left. But we both knew how crazy we were about each other and that we wanted to make it work. So we decided to just see how it goes while he is away at Basic and see where we both are when he gets back and we'll take it from there.<br />
I gave you a little bit of my story to say this. Being an army girlfriend is not easy, I'll be honest. While I'm not officially his "girlfriend" yet, it's just as hard being apart, for both of us. Military relationships are tough, and the strong relationships will make it. The hard part is though, that you never know what you can make it through and what your relationship can stand until you're in the situation. I think that your boyfriend being at Basic will show both of you a lot about your relationship, and be a good indication of how your future will be. I would talk to him about it, and assure him of your feelings toward him. Tell him that you think you guys have a strong relationship worth fighting for, and that you want to make it work. Like I said, you won't know what your relationship can stand until you're in the situation, so I think the best thing to do is for the two of you to just see where his being gone takes you guys. If your relationship stays strong throughout the time that he's gone, then you know that you guys can make it. Stay strong for him while he's gone, and show him that you're serious about making it work. Write to him all the time, stuff like that, so that when he gets back, your relationship will be stronger. <br />
It's natural for people to have their doubts, especially when they're going through a situation like this. He knows the tough road that's ahead of you guys with him being in the army. But once he gets through Basic and he sees that you guys have made it through that well, then any doubts that he has now should be wiped away. I didn't know if I could be in a military relationship, because it's definitely hard work. But in his being gone, I've seen how serious both of us are about making it work, and it has shown me just how crazy I am about him and how much I know our relationship can make it through this. <br />
I hope this makes sense! I know that this is hard...but you always have girls on here to talk to about stuff! I'm here if you ever need to talk or have any questions. <br />
P.S. I'm assuming since you said your boyfriend is going to Kentucky that he'll be at Fort Knox? That's where mine is at right now:)