So the other night i got to talk to daniel for about twenty minutes on the phone and i could tell there was something he had to tell me, and the first thing he said was to quit sending boxes, mind you this left me totally confused not understanding what was happening and he could tell it left me alittle down so he didnt wait any longer to tell me they are starting to pack up their stuff march 10th, and it could be anywere from 50-75 days from that date he will be home from deployment, he wasnt supposed to come home til june 6th but the next unit is wanting to deploy sooner. I cant wait for him to be home and safe with me but i really need to know a date they are thinkin so i can book a flight to colorado and be there when he comes home, ive seen movies and of course army wives when the men come home and theres no one there waiting for them, i cant do that to him he means the world to me, and other then that hes got so much he wants to do when he gets back, go here and there take me to meet his family, meet my new goddaughter, i dont know how he thinks hes going to fit it all in and he keep tellin me hes gonna be here with me for my birthday in july but im not really seeing how he finds this possible with not knowning how much time he will have when he gets back.....needless to say im alil overwhelmed but cant wait for him to be home

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thanks guys i cant wait either ... but there has been no talk of his packing so im alil worried and dont wana ask ...

Yay!! :D

Yay!!! That is so exciting!!! IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!

that's exciting he gets to come back early!! i'm happy for you girl :)