Well with everything going on with my guy and I I had to ask the most famous question last night if he was going to reenlist.  He hasnt even been in the army a full year yet (will be in April) and is already a E4...he keeps getting promoted.  He said he wasnt sure if he was going to reenlist that it depends on if we stay broken up or not.  The way he keeps moving up I can see him reenlisting no matter what.  Do you think he will if we got back together? Cause i cant deal with this army life any longer cause the distacne took us apart and the way he treated me more but the distance didnt help. His term is up in 2 years who knows what rank he will be then :(

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2 Responses Mar 5, 2010

You have to let him make the decision on his own. But if what he decides is not something you want or are prepared to handle then you have to walk away and let him do what he thinks is right. Honestly though, you have two years to go so don't worry about this stuff right now. It will just drive you insane.

The military is a great career. With the economy the way it is he would be stupid not to reenlist. It the one solid thing out there. If he gets out what is he going to do? There isn't a lot of jobs out there. If you can't handle military life don't get back with him. Tell him you don't want to be part of that decision that it is his. Just like he shouldn't be part of your decision with college. You do what you have to do to make your life better for you and not worry about him and let him do what is right for him. If you decide to get back together then you should support each other no matter what the decision maybe. Your suppose to encourage each other not discourage.