I have been dating my boyfriend for a little over two months. We started dating after he came back from basic, however we talked before he went, we just made sure not to get attached because we both knew he was leaving and nothing could really happen. When he came home for christmas I felt a different connection with him than I had with anyone else and he felt the same, so we decided to give this long distance relationship a shot. It was going good because we could still talk to eachother every night and he would text me when he could and he was in georgia so I went and visited him a few times. Now, since he's done with airborne he's being sent to Alaska. At first i was happy because he had a chance of being sent to Germany or Italy, which i'm glad that didn't happen but the more I started thinking about it the more I realized how thats still really far away and the time difference sucks :/ I was wondering if anyone else has someone stationed in alaska and how it is with communication. I know the best thing to do is just be understanding, I'm just a little worried because things are going to be completely different now. If anyone has any advice or anything let me know, thanks!


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my boyfriend is stationed in alaska and i live in nc so i totally get the long distance thing. its hard sometimes and the time difference really isnt too bad. its like a 4 hour time difference for me. we use skype a lot. and going up there to visit is a lot of fun :) is your boyfriend in alaska yet? and which base is he being sent to?

My husband is stationed in Italy, and now hes on his way to Afghanistan. You're very lucky that your boyfriend is still gonna be in the states it makes communication WAY easier. If he was overseas it would cost you so much money just to speak with him, trust me. It costs a dollar a minute for my husband to call me on his cell phone. One of the easiest ways to talk is SKYPE it will literally save your life, its free and you can see his face if both of you have computers with webcams, he just has to pay a monthly fee for internet i think its like 40 bucks. Then you can always use AIM and he can text your phone from that its useful. I hope I helped.