Cried Today

Well... i cried today.  Everyday i rush home to check my mail and see if He has written anything yet.  I haven't gotten a thing.  i know im being impatient and inconsiderate... but i just don't know anything.  I have a feeling that when i get that first letter i feel 100 percent better, am i right? 

Im sorry for complaining but i just needed to get that out.  Thanks girls!

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I feel ya! I check the mail everyday!! But trust me when you get your first letter you feel a billion times better!! It's just a waiting game but it's worth every min! And it makes your whole day!

i got a call today ladies and he sounded so...different. i slhould be getting a letter at the end of the week... =)) very happy about that. he didn't tell me how much he missed me or anything like that =( so im hoping that will come with the letter. bc he said they were making fun of the people who were married and such so maybe he didn't want to sound like a b***ch or something idk..

Yes, you for sure will be better. It'll be like a rush of emotions! (: I remember it felt like forever before I go that first letter, and always felt like forever in between. It'll come, and if you feel like it's not, if you know his address, write him! It helps you vent, and even feel like you're talking to him. You'll get through this, I promise! (: I'm always here, I've gone through it, and I'll handle the beginning of his first deployment all before I'm 18. So, I understand(:

Never be afraid or feel bad crying. I feel the same way, checking the mail is hard because I know I will disappointed if there is no letter but the day I do get a letter, I know it will be the happiest day I've had since he left. I was lucky enough to get a text from him on Thursday but other than that, nothing else yet. I know that the moment I get that first letter, I will feel so much better.<br />
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I have found though that if I do start crying or feel like I am going to, I just remind myself that he is worth it and that what we are going though is worth it and it does make me feel better. Also, I write letters to him. It makes me feel closer to him, almost like I'm talking to him. I can't wait to get his address and send him a stack of letters. I know it will make him feel amazing, even if it does give him a bunch of push-ups!<br />
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Keep your head up and message me if you even just want to talk, we are all in this together.

i know its hard being away from him and the lack of being able to talk during basic, but keep in mind he really doesnt have much time to write and im sure when he gets the time you will hear from him, keep writing him so he knows your still there for him and support him thats the one major thing that will get him through it all ...<br />
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keep your head up and stay strong youll hear from him soon im sure

I know what you mean. I'm in the same boat as you and I know its tough but we'll manage.

thanks girls. i really am trying

yea dnt trip girlie your going to get one trust me an when u do its going to be amazing an your not going to worry any longer. just relax be claim!!

Girl don't cry. I'm going through the same thing. It's tough but think positive and when you start to feel sad and lost because he hasn't wrote you yet, write him. I know that when I write Joe it makes me feel a little better. <br />
I'm here for ya.

i know how that feels. i got my boyfriend first 2 letter like two and half weeks after he left for basic and then they just stop. i just got two more this monday which made me happy. i sent him like over 15 letters since i got his mailing address. but i realize like he said he doesnt have time to write letters like that. he is even to tired or he just doesnt have enough time to write one. hang in there he will write soon. message me if you need to talk