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So, my hubby called (wasn't supposed to though...). He's been on a FTX all week and got back today. So..he had a doctor's appointment this morning. I don't feel like going into detail but basically he got hurt and had to have surgery. He's was 'in holding' for months (he had to follow the same rules as if he was in training...(they didn't have phone privledges) it sucked) But they let him rejoin training as long as he was within profile. His doctor said 6-8 weeks til a RTD. FINALLY a time table. We've been in Army Limbo since September...Well, after he gets a RTD he has Airborne and RIP to finish. I can't remember how long they are. I want to know the minimum time I have to wait so I have an idea of about how long. I am soooooo happy right now. I know we still have a ways to go but this is a step in the right direction!

Basically I wanna know how long Airborne and RIP are...
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My husband is an 11b, just left for afghanistan yesterday. I'm sorry that your guy doesn't get to at least try airborne or ranger. Hopefully everything works out for the best of you. I wish you and husband the best of luck.

I just got some bitter sweet news. I just found out my hubby's doctor told him he didn't recomment Airborne or Rangers and the likely hood of either happening were slim. See, my husband is an 11x so when he finishes, he'll be infantry and could be stationed anywhere. This does mean he'll likely finish much quicker and be stationed...bitter sweet.

airborne is about a month long, my husband was gone for 27 days, and now RIP has changed to RASP (ranger assessment program something like that) so its about 7-8 weeks long, the way my husband explained it to me was that he goes through RASP then gets assigned to a ranger battalion and gets deployed for about 6 months with them and then comes back for actual ranger SCHOOL. so its probably gonna be a while before he finishes and becomes a ranger, thats why my husband dropped his ranger contract he wanted to be married and have me live with him ASAP and he felt like ranger school would get in the way of that. anyway hope i helped and good luck.

hey my man is doing both of those okay so airbourne is 2 weeks an rip is 3 stages each is 21 days long i belive i hope i helped my guy is going to airbourne in ealry july or end of june an then rip school!!