today i went out an i bought his RING!! I hope he loves it its wat he wanted so hopefully!!! then i decided that im going to wear a dress for our "court room wedding" lol so today i bought a cute short lace cream color dress at Forever 21 lol soo this is making it soo much more real that we are getting married an that this time next week im going to be MRS.EVANS!! = ] im so happy!!!

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omg! just breathe girly! LOL. keep me posted and let me know how it goes!

its on thrusday the 11th =]] yea i bought his ring i guessed his size i thouhgt a 9 1/2 he called me today an told me hes a 8 an i cant get that same ring in that size for another 2 weeks ughh i dnt knw what ima do i returned the ring today.. im gunna try to find another one but i loved that one ring.. crap i have 3 days til i leave..

congrats girly! when is the big day? <br />
<br />
i'm in the same boat...! my and my soldier are having a court wedding in Georgia in less than two weeks... i just got my fiance's ring and i have no clue if he's gunna like it LOL... so i hear ya on that one!

Wow Congratulations xx

YAY!! Congrats!!

congrats! :D so happy for you! ahh!

awwwww congrats girl.. thats very exciting newssss...

awwwww congrats girl.. thats very exciting newssss...

GOOD LUCK!!! Sounds sooo exciting!!!

awww how exciting! congrats girly!