I Got His 1st Phone Call! :d

So, Ryan just called me from reception!! He said he had a chance to call the other night when he got in, but that he didn't have his phone card, so had to wait. He also said that he decided to call me instead of his parents because he loves and misses me so much! :) It was so nice to talk to him and hear him so excited about going in. He's already made some buddies and told me all about the food there lol. It was such a normal conversation, which made me so happy. It was the best 5 minutes ever, and was exactly what I needed to make the wait for my first letter not so bad. I just had to share! :)

MissKikiM MissKikiM
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3 Responses Mar 6, 2010

His mom was SO dissapointed. :( So I kinda fibbed and said that he knew she wouldn't be at home. :/ It made her feel better, so I don't think it's too bad of a white lie though. She immediately got in a better mood, and we agreed to include random Lord of the Rings trivia questions in each letter we write him without without explaining lol. We even got the rest of his family to agree to be in on it. We're hoping it'll make him laugh and feel closer to everyone!


i know exactly how you feel...! and trust me... every letter is going to be worth GOLD to you! LOL. i myself race home everyday from work hoping that a letter came in and i make sure to keep my phone on me as much as possible just in case he gets a chance to call me. it's a crazy way to live life... but OUR soldiers are sooo worth it! =]