I Dont Know Feeling Lost

i'm feeling just so lost and ugh. tonight. before i went to go and see my guy everything was going so well and amazing and we got to at least text a bit, and now that i've been back i feel like its all changed and i barely talk to him anymore and i know he's getting ready to deploy and is busy and i guess its selfish of me to want to talk to him but his phone gets shut off on the 8th of march and then who knows how long it will be before i hear from him again. i'm just feeling like he's being distant and idk why. im just wondering if any of you girls went through this before deployment. im just scared that his feelings towards me are changing i know he says he loves me but it still makes me cry when i think about it all. i also think that i have way to much time to think this weekend and maybe im just overthinking things? sorry this is so longs thanks for listening girls

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he actually got shipped out tonight and he texted me until he got to the airport but he said they weren't allowed to talk in the airport so unfortunetly i didn't get to hear his voice at all before he left and its just so hard cause i've never been through this so i dont know how to handle it because its all unknown to me. i'm trying to keep busy because i know i have way to much time to think im just scared i guess that he'll forget about me or something while he's over there and i know thats not going to happen but i think im just really scared. thank you girls for the advie though it really did help me alot. i'm glad that there are peole there who can help me through this tough time!

when does he ship out for deployment .. i know you said his phone gets shut off the 8th but not sure if thats the same day he leaves... my boyfriend is currently over there and the week before he left i did get to talk to him but not as much as we usually do, he was out in the field or doing other last minute training plus packing up his stuff for storage, theres alot they have to do before they leave and most of the time theres not somone there to help them get it all done, i understand the disappointing feelings because you want to talk to him as much as you can before he leaves not knowing when youll hear from him next, the day he leaves if hes anything like my boyfriend youll talk to him as much as he can because all they do is sit around and wait ... i got four calls all while they were waiting for the bus and in the airport, keep your chin up hes just busy with alot of last minute training and things he needs to take care of

Aww girly. :[ I know a lot of guys seem to get pretty distant before they deploy. It sucks but I think it's a way to help them cope with everything that will be happening. Also, you prolly have had too much time to think. Which is never good! I'm sure things will work out! Good luck girly!

well... definitely try to keep yourself busy for the rest of the weekend and make sure to keep your phone by you AT ALL TIMES just in case he calls. maybe he's been really busy? and if he says he loves you, then it's important you trust in that and stay strong even though 'we army gfs' know it's a very difficult thing to do. deployment is not an easy thing to go through by any means and its hard on both of you but until he gives you a reason to doubt, i would have full faith in him and trust that he'll call. if you need to talk, you can always message me =]<br />
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hope you feel better girly. [hugs]