...soon To Be Army Bride...

so two weeks ago me and my bf decided to take our relationship to the next step... which is marriage!

he's being sent to germany for the next TWO years, needless to say neither one of us wants to be apart so marriage and our strong love for one another will keep us together. so the plan is for me to move to germany from california with him. OMG!

so we're [God willingly] getting married in Georgia on march 18 [which is his turning blue day] and then he graduates the following day which is a friday and he gets shipped out to Germany that following monday. so i've been having to find out all the court info out there [with such little time to make this all happen] and he's been in the trenches all THIS week so we have no way of communicating right now while i'm trying to plan everything around his schedule which is scary because there's so many "what if's". i have no clue what time he's even going to have to go back on his turning blue day, but i made our court appt in the afternoon and the court is 45 mins away from fort benning so i'm hoping and praying the distance [with his distance rules and regulations] is not an issue as well. ahhhhhh!

it really sucks he's on such lockdown over there and our limited and delayed communcation through letters and calls [he sneaks out to me at times] can only help so much. i've already booked my plane tickets as well as hotel stay, and i bought my dress and our wedding bands. so i think i've got everything pretty much covered. LOL. but again, i'm really stressing because i'm not sure on how much freedom they're going to give him to get married and we only have those two days to make it happen before he ships out... help!  

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ohh no they dont!! we are gunna tell his mom an step dad that day pretty much right after we get to all see each other at the graduation lol surprise lol im going to tell mine when i get back lol they all are going to be okay with it tho...i hope lol

thank you 'lovemyarmyman13' LOL. ima need it! :)

Congrats girly!!! :D And good luck! I wish I had some advise to give you but I don't have any. :[

yes... i bought a cute lil white dress with a black lace around the torso last week [i love it!] and i'm sooooo excited, but again... i can only plan so much and pray to God everything works out... <br />
<br />
and it sounds like you're in the same boat with only 8 hours to do everything! LOL. so evan's parents don't know you two are getting married yet?

yea same thing here!! we are getting married on his BCT graduation day an he only has an 8 hour pass that day an we have so much to do.. gotta tell his parents then go out an buy my ring then go to the countys clerks office get married. then do everything he needs to do before he leaves that day for his AIT ahhh crazy day i knw it im up for it tho lol so exciting isnt it =]] are you wearing a dress or anything like that