I have been so stressed out lately with just everything going on, and now I have to deal with his mom.  I shouldn't say "deal" with her because that's not what I necessarily mean.  She is going through a lot, and I can only imagine what it must feel like to have your baby leave for the Army.  Her and I have a good relationship and it has gotten better since my boyfriend left.  We are the two women in his life so we are obviously more emotional about everything than say his father or brother or even his good friends.  But now she is making me feel guilty because he contacted me before her, and he has yet to contact her.  I only got a quick text saying he was at Basic and that he loved me and missed me.. His mom and I had promised one another to let the other person know immediately if we heard from him.  So I called her as soon as I got the text.  She got really upset.  Saying things like "why wouldn't he contact me" and "I thought he and I were close, I guess I see where I stand" and "he will probably only write you and call you, not his parents".  I am trying to be supportive and reassuring and telling her that he does in fact love her and cares about her so much.. he has told me a million times that he is going to miss her  a lot because they really are close.  But nothing seems to make her feel better.  For the past 4 days, she has been making me feel awful and I don't know what to do any more.  I am completely at a loss.  She is even now saying that she doesn't want to hear from him because she is pissed at him.. and that is just not fair to him.  When he calls, the last thing he will want or expect is his mother to be upset with him. He has enough things going on.  She keeps saying that if she does hear from him she is going to say something to him about it and I keep telling her that is a bad idea and just keep things positive.  I don't know if any one has any type of advice or been in this situation before.  I don't want to ruin my relationship with her and I don't want her to say something to upset my boyfriend..

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oh wow! she is not being fair at all and the best thing to do is just to let her talk and just be you, ya know? It is not your fault he contacted you first and im sure she realizes that and is just letting off steam and taking out frustrations. =( It will be okay. maybe when he does call her she will forget all about it and just be happy that she did get a call or a letter! <br />
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im here for ya girl. message me some time