"don't Worry Sweetheart"

I haven't really talked to Andrew about deployment yet. It'll be here before we know it and I'm clueless of what to expect. Thanks to hearing all your girls' stories, I have a little more of an idea.  I feel like the only time he talks about it, is when someone else asks him about it. So i find out just like everyone else does. I don't ask a lot of questions, but i've brought up the subject quite a few times in hopes that he would tell me all about it.  He usually just says "don't worry sweetheart" (haha! right!!??? don't worry..silly guy) hah I guess he doesn't know too much about it either though. You know how the army is!! haha they like to wait til the last minute to spring stuff on ya!

I just had a few bad dreams and thoughts keeping me up at night. It's not the 'missing him' part that i'm uneasy about,..it's his safety. I just have a bad feeling about it sometimes. I don't know exactly how he feels about it. He's hard to read sometimes. He doesn't seem scared or worried or anything really. Typical guy :PMaybe he doesn't bring it up because he doesn't want to worry me?


Anyway..am i the only one that doesn't know exactly how to talk to her guy? I feel kind of stupid, like i should be able to read him by now. Today is our 8 month anniversary. I guess it's not that long haha I should be worried if it's the same situation 3 years from now! lol



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omg you girls too!? i feel like shaking him and saying "stop saying that!!! i can handle it! tell me deeeeetailsss" hahaha i know HE knows im strong enough to handle it. but yeah, he tells everyone else details, except me. And i agree, i feel like i don't know as much about him. So many times i run out of things to talk about. and we dont see each other often, so we can't talk about our experiences together. I pretty much have to go off of what he says goes on during the day. <br />
<br />
Anyway, i'll be in your girls' shoes in a few months. I'm dreading it, but the sooner i comes, the sooner it will be over!!! <br />
<3 thanks girls!

i completely understand how you feel. my boyfriend ended up deploying tonight but beforehand he didn't talk about it and when i brought it up it was the same dont worry baby i'll alright and home before you know it. but whenever anybody else asked he would talk about it too. with my boyfriend i will say he got a little bit more distant as his deployment got closer, when i asked him about it he was trying to make it easier on me. but its not easy and now that he's gone overseas i'll worry every single day. when you get to see him just enjoy every minute you get!!

Girl, I am in a pretty similar boat. Michael and I have been together for 7 months now, and I feel like I have told him EVERYTHING about me and I still know nothing about him. I mean I know some things, but he doesn't talk about that kind of stuff much. Our deployment is the end of this month, I mean his 400 days started Feburary 28th, but he hasn't left the country yet. I still get to see him once more. But on his 2 week leave I feel like everyone would ask him questions about his deployment and it was easy to answer for him. When I ask questions, it is always everything will be fine, it'll be over before you know, type answers. I know he is stressed about going over there. He has even showed me a bit of fear. You are definitely not the only one that doesn't get as much as you'd like outta your guy.