Guess Who Found Out Half Of Her Surprise! <3:D

I did! :D Evan's in the field until March 22nd, but he got to call me today and he gave me the choice of knowing half my surprise or knowing when he comes home. I guessed for the first part and I found out he's getting me a ring! But he now refuses to tell me when he's coming home, and how he's going to propose. I'm okay with that, I want all that to be a surprise. I just happened to guess right! Ahh. I love him so much, I'm so excited.

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9 Responses Mar 7, 2010

omg congratz!!!!!!!!

Thank you:D I'm so excited! I can't wait to see him<3(:

congrats from me aswell....

congrats thats super exciting!!

i'm soooooo excited:D he had me so convinced about waiting until after his deployment.

congrats girly! that's exciting!

congradulations!!!! :D


aww! yay! that is amazing =))