Five Days!!!

Wow I am so excited! My boyfriend and i have been dating not very long but it has progressed very fast. I got to know him through some of my friends and comunicated mostly over facebook until he had a four day pass and decided to come up 12 hours north and visit me, that was actually the first time we met. It was so weird because we were talking for a few months before then so we knew everything about eachother and when i first saw him in the airport i could not get this huge smile off my face. We might have only been dating for a little while but i fell hard for this soldier, we have talked about our future together and before he deploys he wants to propose!!! I am so excited that i have found the perfect man to spend the rest of my life with, and in five days i am flying down to see him. We see eachother about once a month, but i get to spend all of August with him for his pre-deployment leave! I know that it is going to be horrible to not be able to talk to  him all the time like we do now, but i know that when we get through this it will show us we can get through anything. :)

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luckily for you, your whole relationship has been long distance. It's kind of been the same with my boyfriend because we started dating right before he left to go to airborne, so I'm pretty used to not seeing him, however we've only gone a month without seeing eachother and now he's going to Alaska, which is far :/ but it does show that if you can make it through this then you can do it!! Good luck with your boyfriend, thats exciting. I will warn you that when he does leave for good it will probably be the hardest thing you've ever been through and you'll feel miserable, but! it does get better, it took me like a week to get through it and then I suddenly had a realization that everything is going to be okay, but you have a while before that happens. good luck with everything!