He Got Deployed Tonight

This is by far the hardest thing i think that i've gone through. my heart hurts and im so scared. he tells me not to be scared and not to worry about him but i will worry everyday. i got a text tonight when i was at work around like 5pm and it was my boyfriend telling me that they decided to deploy them tonight. of course i was at work so he couldn't call then only text and i was so upset. i got out at 8 and they were still on teh bus so i got to text him for a little bit then when he got to the airport they i guess couldn't talk on the phone so i didn't get to hear his voice before he left and it was so disappointing. and its just the hardest thing that ive ever had to go throught and its so very unknown to me and i dont know what to expect how to deal with it. i dont know when i will get to hear from him and just all the what if's are running through my head over and over and i know i can't let it get to me and i know i will be able to keep myself busy to get through this and that i will be strong for him and that i love him very much and can't wait for him to just get home but its so hard now that its all becoming so real thats he's really gonna be gone to afghanstan now. ugh i just had to get my feelings out thanks for listening girls

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i know im already counting down the days until this deployment will be over. its been really hard for me just because he was so distant before he got deployed that it makes me worry about everything because i love him with everything i've got and ugh. im sure we've all felt like that but its just a part of dating a man in the army. i'm sure we will be okay i just can't wait for him to be able to contact me and i'm already writing him a letter because its so strange to not tell him about everything that happned throughout my day and so im gonna write it all down so i dont forget anything that i might want to tell him, i know i sound crazy now haha. but thanks for the support girls and it makes me feel so much better that there are you girls out there who have been through the same thing. thanks for listening !

Don't worry, it's going to be okay. In a book it says that the depression last 1-2 weeks and just keep yourself busy, I know it's hard but he can't be your number one priority now. He has bigger things to worry about and so do you but just know that he's always thinking about you and he wishes he was with you just as much as you wish you were with him. Just hang in there. I wish i could say it's easy, but unfortunately nothing worth having is easy. I'm sure it will get better as the days pass and just remember that each day that passes is one day closer to seeing him!

Girl, my time is coming very soon. The anticipation sometimes I feel is worse. Cry a lot now that it is in a couple more weeks. I don't know what I am going to do at the airport after his last 4 day pass. I don't have any friends, so I talk to my mom. She doesn't understand why I am so upset sometimes and just kind of makes fun of me, or tells me to get over it. My dad is my real support these days, because he was in the army and he loves my boyfriend. It is really tough. But I am so glad I found the ladies on here, I would be crazy if I didn't have someone to talk to. Hang in there lady!

it will be okay girly. i went thru the same thing back in september when my hunny deployed. i cried for days cuz i was just so worried about when i was going to hear from him again. But not even a week after he got to afghanistan he called me! i cried tears of joy hearing his voice! he's already come and gone for R&R in january, and he wont be back till august... but the area he is in he has a cell phone that he can call & text me from, and skype is now our new best friend!! just keep ur head up sweetie & i hope yall will be able to keep in contact as much as possible! if ya need to talk or any advice feel free to message me! take care!