My boyfriend was on leave for the last teo weeks but has to leave to day... he spent his last days with his family so i didnt actually get to say goodbye to him in person today. i did three days ago but its just not the same... we got off the fone like 6 min ago and im not sure i am going to be able to make it another 6months without him. i think the first 6 months went by fast but i can already tell this time that will not be the case. Sometimes i think this is just to hard but then i hear his vioce or look into his eyes again and i know nothing will ever be to hard if i can always come home to him.

BrittBoo BrittBoo
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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Completely agree! :) It's the time in between that sucks the most! Keep on truckin you can do it! :):)

Try and stay strong and busy girly. It'll prolly feel like this last half could possibl take forever because you know that the next time he comes home he'll be HOME no on leave but HOME!!! :D Keep your head up and message me anytime you need to talk. :D