My boy wants me to send him sexy pic while at basic. I just wanna know the does and don'ts so it's notconsidered pornagraphic. Lol thanks girls!
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Yea they always look at the pics so something too sexy you definately wouldn't want all their drill sgts looking at. However, me and my man kind of found a way around this. For red phase the first three weeks they opened every peice of mail they got .. but after that they only opened them if there were real pictures in them or whatever. Like anything that was just a thin envelope of only paper they wouldnt open. So I would just print pics on my computer on regular paper and send them haha

I have heard stories where sexy pics like that get passed around. So I wouldn't send anything unless you didn't mind it being share I guess. I like the idea of a pic of you in an outfit he thinks is cute. Again, idk if its true, but I have heard stories

i think sexy i tihnk sexy like under wear an stuff but i just got off the phone with my guy whos about to leave form basic an he said they are not suppose to get those kinds of pics they will get introble..

I have a few guy friends who already went through basic (three in the Army, two in the Marines, two in the Navy, and one in the Coast Guard...I shoulda known I'd end up dating a soldier!) and they gave me some tips on that very topic with my guy. While some were a little less concerned about it than others, the general consensus was nothing naked, and nothing where you're scantily clad. Like, don't send him pics of you in just your bra or anything. Your best bet would to pick an outfit he thinks looks really good on you, and take some sexy photos. I have a kinda low cut top, and I wrote my bf's name in a heart on my chest a little higher than where my heart is and am going to send that to him with his first letter. I asked one of my friends and he said that's fine, and since it's the hottest thing my man will see, it'll drive him wild! I hope that helps.